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How does one get into the occult, mystical, and spiritual. I don't know about others but for myself, I grew up in a semi practicing Catholic household. We went to church on special occasions but Religion and Spirituality was never front and center. Occasionally I'd hear that so and so was a bruja and that someone was a victim of brujeria but what that meant was never discussed.

Astrology chart, Gaian tarot cards, in a new moon moonthly spread, moon phases and coffee, journal and pen to calm worry, anxiety and to cultivate clarity and direction.
Moonthly Reading

The words bruja and brujeria just had a negative connotation and I instinctively knew was not good a good thing.

A bruja is a witch and brujeria is witchcraft.

With that said, I was still called and drawn to the Tarot, which people in my family associate with brujeria and I bought myself a deck in spite of what people would think and say, or do. I had the tarot deck for over a year before I told anyone about it. I pulled cards every day, I read books on Tarot and I constantly googled tarot terms and eventually I started attending classes and conferences on Tarot where I received an introduction to the moon.

"The insight I was getting from the tarot cards was so on point I could not help but to go deeper in my studies and to share the insights with others."

Introduction to the Moon

We all know the moon. We see her in the sky... sometimes. She is the closest celestial body to our home earth. We know that when the moon is full tides rise and that a woman's monthly cycle is referred to as her moon cycle and that people are compelled to howl at the moon (hahaha at least in movies) but most people do not know that the moon is pretty much a calendar, some religions depend on the moon to determine the dates of their holidays.

Every month the moon starts a new cycle and grows (waxes) until it is full. Then the moon diminishes (wanes) until it goes completely dark and starts a new cycle. This whole cycle happens in 29.5 days. Every new moon (which I like to call Moonth because its pretty much a month) starts a cycle in a different astrological sign (there are 12). Each of the signs has its own attributes, energy, and rulerships.

Study of Astrology

Just like magic one day I was gifted the book Tarot for Magical Times which connects Tarot and Astrology. It goes over the 12 months and the two major arcana cards connected with the sign along with the court card and the three minor arcana cards.

Weaving the threads

After years of following the three practices I found a way to weave together the energies of the New Moon, Astrology, and Tarot. 11 years later I'm still working on authentically owning my devotion to the Moon, Astrology (study of influence of stars, planets, on terrestrial life) which people associate with brujeria. The practice has inspired creativity, drive, and a deep connection to myself that I am now happily sharing with others via Moonthly Blog posts, Circles, Tarot Readings, and monthly workbooks. I am grateful for the call to the occult, mystical, and spiritual even though I've had to face some adversity but the more I stand up for my beliefs the stronger my resolve becomes.

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