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Three of Swords

Three of Swords, The Lord of Sorrow, heart pierced by three swords, cloudy stormy skies with sun peaking through

The Lord of Sorrow

Saturn in Libra

Every year the days of October 3rd - October 12th are reserved for the Three of Swords aka The Lord of Sorrow. In astrology, Saturn, the ringed planet of boundaries and restrictions is assigned as the sub-ruler of the Three of Swords combining it with the energy of Libra, the sign of balance and fairness. Together, the two share the theme of balance and justice.

The Three of Swords is one of the cards that may cause people to shy away from the Tarot as it serves as a trigger that there is loss, heartbreak, disappointment, doubt, anxiety, uncertainty, worry, regret, abandonment, betrayal, amongst other uncomfortable feelings that may be playing a role just beneath the surface of consciousness.

Oftentimes when the Three of Swords appears in a tarot reading it comes as a shock and there is a sense of denial that happens even though many times the querent immediately knows exactly where the sorrow stems from and denial and suppression is no longer possible. That is where the other two minor arcana cards in Libra’s sign come in.

The Two of Swords | The Lord of Peace Restored | Moon in Libra

The Two of Swords, Lord of Rest Peace Restored, Moon in Libra, Woman crosses arms over heart and is blindfolded.

The Golden Dawn named The Two of Swords the Lord of Peace Restored but I think of it as The Lord of Peace Disturbed as it implies an atmosphere of hesitation, uncertainty, and stopping to listen to the inner voice of intuition. However, in many cases it is indicating the neglect of the voice of intuition, the one that is bubbling up what lies in the unconscious.

I inserted ominous dark clouds in the image of Two of Swords to signify a storm is looming, as in a storm is coming into your peaceful situation that was just fine a moment ago. The blindfold and the crossed arms over the heart suggest The Two of Swords does not want to see or feel what is coming. The card's sub-ruler is the Moon, gifting the Two of Swords a moment of reflection and acceptance of what is to be revealed.

The Four of Swords | The Lord of Rest from Strife | Jupiter in Libra

Four of Swords, The Lord of Rest from Strife, Jupiter in Libra, Rest and Meditation

The Four of Swords, The Lord of Rest From Strife evokes the feeling of the calm after the storm. Once the air element of Libra, the mind, represented by swords, makes the connection with the heart from the Three of Swords the storm passes starting a period of rest and recuperation. I inserted blue skies and a bright sun glare into the Four of Swords to emphasize how quickly clouds can clear after a storm.

The sub-ruler of the Four of Swords is Jupiter, planet of expansion and meaning providing a sense of withdrawal into spiritual meditation to find inner peace and healing after a period of stress and anxiety.

Three of Swords, The Lord of Sorrow, Saturn in Libra. Three Swords pierce a heart in front of a storm.

Now, back to the Three of Swords, with the knowledge from the reflection and acceptance of the Two of Swords and the inner peace and healing of the Four of Swords we can see that through willingness to accept the pain, sorrow, and heartbreak of truth and justice we can find healing, meaning, and enlightenment.

Even though a Three of Swords can bring a sense of grief and sorrow we know that it will make our connection of mind and heart stronger and wiser than before.

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