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Waning Moon in Libra

The moon is waning in Libra. Libra is the sign of beauty, harmony, and relationships. It is about seeing things clearly and acting with diplomacy. The energy is supportive, creative, and collaborative.

The Waning moon is for reflection.

This is a good time to reflect and assess what is working and what is not in terms of manifesting the intentions set on the Capricorn new moon three weeks ago.

Let Libra's desire to initiate actions (Cardinal) in the name of being decisive, tasteful, and harmonious (Air) help you make the necessary decisions to be more understanding, visionary, and hopeful.

Venus Rules Libra

Venus rules Libra and represents one's capacity to attract people and things that one loves and values. Together Libra and Venus can influence you to reach out to friends, pitch an idea, clean out and reorganize your home. Over all this is a good time to seek peace and balance.

The tarot cards associated with Libra are:

Libra Tarot Cards

Justice is Libra

Extroverted and communicative. Skilled at solving problems, compromising, and comes up with diplomatic solutions for any situation. She rules the arts, takes leadership roles, and initiates change and forward movement with decisive action.

The Empress is Venus

Venus graces everything she touches with ease, comfort, affection, and enjoyment. She is a generous benefactor. She is sensual and romantic, gracious and kind, gengle and sympathetic.

Queen of Swords is Cardinal Air

She uses both her head and her heart to make balanced decisions. She embodies a blend of logic and reason with understanding and feeling. She is the ruler of intellect and a critical thinker. She is a natural born leader willing to hear both sides of the story.

Waning Moon = Reflect & Release

The waning moon is a good time to reflect on the course of the moonth and to consider what can be cut away as 2021 gets off to its start. Take a look at your notes and or intentions from the Libra New Moon this past October, is there anything that has to be cut away to help with the manifestation process? Libra operates under the influence of Venus (see above) now is a good time to look at your life and enhance ease, comfort, affection, and enjoyment by cutting away hindrances, distress, rancor, and misery .

Take out your tarot or oracle deck or use your intuition to answer

  • What has come up this moonth that made you uncomfortable or unhappy?

  • What has run its course in your life?

  • What have I planted (desire)?

  • Does it need weeding ? the removal of other plants (desires) that are overgrown and hindering its chances to flourish

Next up is the Dark Moon in Capricorn January 19th 2023

Aquarius New Moon is on Saturday January 21st.

*Updated 01/12/22

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