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Flower Essences

I love flowers! You may have noticed I put up a lot of flower photos on my social media feeds and I love to have them as a backdrop mostly because they are beautiful and graceful and illicit great joy. This is why they are given as gifts (feel free to gift me flowers anytime :-) Katie Hess, Flower Alchemist, and owner of Lotuswei, says in her book Flower Evolution, Blooming into Your Full Potential with the Magic of Flowers that

"recent research demonstrates that bees are attracted to the energy of flowers, not their fragrance or color. Flowers emit electrical impulses in the form of vibrations, and the bees are able to detect the electrical fields of different flowers.” (Hess p 26)

This confirms why I always feel good when I’m around flowers. Their vibration is so high it has the power to turn negative moods into positive moods. Also, they are gorgeous and smell great.

There are many ways to take advantage of flowers (this sounds a bit bad, but I think Flowers are happy for us to employ them). One is to have a flowering plant; I love this because every time it flowers there is a reason to feel happy. Another is cut flowers to display in a vase (this is good for a few days but it’s a bit depressing when they die). Some flowers are edible, and some are poisonous (be cautious), some can be infused to make fragrant and or medicinal teas, some can be distilled to make essential oils and many even the poisonous ones can be solar or lunar infused to make flower essences.

I’ve been drawn to flower essences for some years and a few years ago I took a deep dive and completed a 9 month apprenticeship in Flower Essence Therapy. I did it to immerse myself into the magic of the flower essences and to learn more about what they are, how they work, and how I could build a relationship with them. What I learned is that flower essences are subtle, they awaken what sits dormant, light up what lives in the shadow, and help us to see ourselves in a new way.

Flower Essences capture the consciousness of the plant which is concerned with the emotional, mental, and spiritual parts of ourselves. You know, that part that keeps us up at night, or the part that tells us we can't do something or convinces us that we are not good enough for whatever it is that we want. However, Flower Essences have the magical ability to awaken the other part of ourselves that helps us get restful sleep, encourages us to stay focused, and reminds us we are of the same stuff stars are made of.

Taking flower essences is simple and the dosage is minimal with only 2 – 7 drops sublingually at least 3 times per day until there is a shift in your emotional state. The flower essences dosage can also be put into drinking water, tea, or other beverage of choice. I find it is best to recite a personal affirmation with each dosage of flower essence to bring myself into balance and put myself in the vibration I want to be in.

Here I am preparing Bleeding Heart Flower Essence

This summer I’ve made two essences one of Rose and another of Bleeding Heart. Both flowers support emotional stability and help one to feel balanced during this time of uncertainty and grief. They are for sale while supplies last.

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