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The Body's Cosmic connection to Astrology and Herbalism

Discover the cosmic ties between astrology and herbalism! Uncover how each zodiac sign influences specific body areas and the supporting herbs to nurture them.

The human body and its astrological connections and the herbs to support them.

Astrology and Herbalism

While many people know about astrological signs and their correspoding personality traits, few people know the astrological connection to the physical body.

Each of the twelve zodiac signs in astrology rules over specific areas of the human body, influencing our strengths, vulnerabilities, and overall well-being. This blog post outlines these cosmic connections, exploring the twelve zodiac signs and the corresponding body areas they are rule over. Additionally, I've listed supporting herbs to support and nurture these areas.

Please note that herbs are multifacted and are more than the sum of their parts. Some herbs support many functions. For example as you will see dandelion and turmeric are both mentioned 4 times for different reasons.

It is also important to note that while the herbs mentioned in this post can be consumed as teas or tinctures or as other remedies, it is ideal to consult with a qualified herbalist or healthcare professional, especially if you have an existing medical condition or are taking prescription medications.

You may also want to consult an herbalism book like I did to write this post. My favorites include:

I noticed there are also herbalism and astrology books you can get but most are geared more towards magic than healing.

Here are the twelve zodiac signs, the body areas they rule ov and some supportive herbs.

Aries - Head, brain, face, eyes

The first sign of the zodiac, Aries governs the head, influencing brain function, facial features, and eye health.

Supportive Herbs for Aries:

Ginkgo biloba (improves brain function), Kava Kava (soothes tension headaches and relives stress and anxiety), bilberry (supports eye health).


Taurus - Throat, neck, thyroid, vocal cords

Taurus is linked to the throat area, which includes the thyroid glands and vocal cords, affecting voice quality, swallowing, and hormonal health.

Supportive Herbs for Taurus:

Slippery elm (soothes sore throats), licorice root (supports vocal cords and throat), Ashwagandha (thyroid stimulant).


Gemini - Shoulders, arms, lungs, hands, nervous system

Gemini oversees the upper limbs, lungs, and nervous system, influencing dexterity, respiratory function, and nerve health.

Supportive Herbs for Gemini:

Turmeric (reduces inflammation), mullein (supports respiratory health), Milky Oat Tops (calms the nerves).


Cancer - Breasts, chest, stomach, pancreas

Cancer governs the chest area, including the breasts, stomach, and pancreas, impacting digestion and breast health.

Supportive Herbs for Cancer:

Dandelion root (supports digestion), red clover (promotes breast health), ginger (aids digestion).


Leo - Heart, spine, back

Leo is associated with the heart, spine, and back, influencing cardiovascular health and spinal alignment.

Supportive Herbs for Leo:

Hawthorn berry (supports heart health), turmeric (reduces inflammation), Willow Bark (aids back pain relief).


Virgo - Intestines, bowels, digestion

 Virgo rules the digestive system, including the intestines and bowels, affecting nutrient absorption and elimination.

Supportive Herbs for Virgo:

Fennel (aids digestion), triphala (promotes regularity), peppermint (soothes the digestive tract).


Libra - Adrenal glands, buttocks, kidneys

Libra governs the adrenal glands, buttocks, and kidneys, influencing stress response and fluid balance.

Supportive Herbs for Libra:

Ashwagandha (adaptogen for stress relief), dandelion root (supports kidney health), nettle (diuretic for fluid balance).


Scorpio - Genitals, menstrual cycle, elimination organs

Scorpio is linked to the reproductive system, menstrual cycle, and elimination organs, affecting sexual and hormonal health.

Supportive Herbs for Scorpio:

Chaste tree berry (balances hormones), red raspberry leaf (supports menstrual health), cranberry (prevents UTIs).


Sagittarius - Hips, liver, thighs

Sagittarius rules the hips, liver, and thighs, influencing mobility, detoxification, and muscle strength.

Supportive Herbs for Sagittarius:

Milk thistle (supports liver health), turmeric (reduces inflammation in joints), horsetail (strengthens bones and muscles).


Capricorn - Bones, joints, gall bladder

Capricorn governs the bones, joints, and gall bladder, affecting skeletal health, joint mobility, and bile production.

Supportive Herbs for Capricorn:

Horsetail (promotes bone health), turmeric (reduces joint inflammation), dandelion root (supports gall bladder).


Aquarius - Ankles, calves, circulation system, veins

Aquarius is associated with the ankles, calves, circulation system, and veins, influencing blood flow and lower leg strength.

Supportive Herbs for Aquarius:

Horse chestnut (supports vein health), butcher's broom (improves circulation), cayenne (increases blood flow).


Pisces - Feet, body fluids, lymphatic system

Pisces governs the feet, body fluids, and lymphatic system, affecting foot health, hydration levels, and immune function.

Supportive Herbs for Pisces:

Cleavers (supports lymphatic drainage), dandelion root (mild diuretic), epsom salts (relieves foot ailments).


Work with the herbs mentioned in this blog post to support the specific areas ruled by the astrological signs. These herbs can be found at Flower Power Herbs and Roots shop in New York City, where knowledgeable staff can guide you on your herbalism journey.

Also, visit Flower Power at the New Moon and Full Moon as I'll be there facilitating circles.


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