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Full Moon in Leo

Celebrate Your Courage

The moon becomes Full in Leo on Wednesday February 16th at 11:56 am ET . The Full Moon is the climax of the moonthly cycle as it is at it's brightest and can shine light on the deepest parts of ourselves that we can't usually see or that we choose to suppress. Take the next few days to look within, nourish yourself, celebrate your courage. Notice your hindrances and shed what no longer makes sense in your life.

Leo Moon Mood

When the moon is in Leo the mood is open-hearted, generous, romantic, stubborn, and expressive. Schedule a presentation. Tell a story. Promote yourself or your endeavors. Help others feel special and appreciated. Practice gratitude. Socialize. Do anything that engages this temporary extroverted time and requires flair, creativity, and courage.

Leo Major Arcana Cards



Represents courage, Self-discipline, and Determination. The energy is generous, warm, dramatic, optimistic, honorable, frank, and energetic. The card emits a sense of fearlessness.

"The more we praise and celebrate our lives, the more we have to praise and celebrate." -Oprah

Planetary Ruler

The Sun

Our source of light and life energy. The sun represents our ego and the self. It symbolizes confidence, self-esteem, willpower and purpose. It suggests vitality.