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Sagittarius New Moon

Design your life with the phases of the Sagittarius New Moon Cycle

Sagittarius New Moon. Sagittarius Glyph Sagittarius Symbol. 2023 Cycle, ethics, wisdom, adventure

The Moon Starts a New Cycle in Sagittarius

Sagittarius 2023 New Moon is on Tuesday, December 12th at 6:32pm ET

We are now in the last days of Autumn. The trees have dropped most of their leaves. The mornings and nights and are cold with warm-ish afternoons. Sagittarius ushers us into the Winter season on Thursday, December 21st. This is a good time to go with the flow, be adaptable, and resourceful.

The Sagittarius moonth is all about getting in touch with your ethics. tapping into widsom, and seeking adventure . It is a time to spin the wheel of fortune and expect the best.

Who/what is Sagittarius?

Sagittarius is known as the archer who shoots his arrow into the distance, optimistic for the potential of what will come from it. Sagittarius is also known as the Centaur, half-horse half-man symbolizing a free inner nature and an ethical conscience. When Sagittarius is around there is a need to explore and expand the horizons of the mind and the world view, such as our religion, faith, and ethical codes. Sagittarius inspires us to be confident and adventurous.

Sagittarius Tarot Cards

What tarot card represents Sagittarius?

Sagittarius is temperance in tarot


Sagittarius is represented by Temperance. Symbolizing the blending of distinct elements to bring out a new way of seeing and doing things. The angel is grounded in reality (foot on ground) and in touch with emotions (foot in water). Representing calm, inner balance, and creativity.

What is the Sagittarius Planetary Ruler?

The Wheel of fortune is Jupiter in tarot


The Sagittarius planetary ruler is Jupiter.

Jupiter is known as the greater benefic planet that brings luck and good fortune wherever he goes. Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system symbolizing growth and expansion. Both the Wheel of Fortune and Jupiter represent luck, opportunity, success and prosperity.

What is the Sagittarius Modality and Element?

The Knight of Wands is Mutable Fire

Mutable Fire

The Knight of Wands embodies Sagittarius' explorer nature and Jupiter's expansion with wide ranging interests and a craving for spiritual pursuits. He likes to experiment and mix things up. He will go through great lengths to see the world and experience what life has to offer.

The Knight of Wands asks you, how can you develop:

  • Ethics?

  • Wisdom?

  • Sense of Adventure?

What are the Sagittarius Focus Areas?

The new moon is when the sun and the moon are together in the sky. This makes it a potent time to set intentions based on focus areas of the zodiac sign they are in. The Sagittarius New Moon is a potent time to set intentions around ethics, wisdom, and adventure.

Sagittarius areas of focus understanding, freedom, optimism

Review the sign's areas's of focus. Identify which attributes/qualities you would like to cultivate or release. It can be something to focus on this new moon (aka moonth), season, year, or for the rest of your life. Also, identify if there is a shadow aspect you’d like to work through.

  • Understanding: Religion, Prayer, House of Worship, Honesty

  • Communing with Nature: Intuition, Tranquility, Contentment

  • Freedom: Spontaneity, Adventure, Exploration, Long Distance Travel

  • Law: Ethics, Morality, Principled, Integrity Attorneys, Lawsuits

  • Optimism: Trust, Friendliness, Generous, Enthusiastic

  • Formal Education: Mentors, University, Philosophy, Certifications

  • Carelessness: Shortcuts, Excesses, Extravagance, Arrogant, Rude


  1. Journal about which these qualities you would like to continue, cultivate, and release.

  2. Write down up to ten intentions or wishes themed on Sagittarius focus areas.

  3. Be a mirco or macro as you like you will come back to this later.

What are the important dates of the Sagittarius Moonth?

The Sagittarius 2023 New Moon cycle: December 12 2023 - January 11th 2024

Sagittarius 2022 Moonth Cycle November 23rd - December 23rd

The Sagittarius new and waxing moons are in adaptable and resourceful mutable signs. The energy will ask us to develop our ethical standards and sense of adventure. To nourish the things we are devoted too. The full, waxing, and next new moons are in initiating cardinal signs where we can celebrate our homes and the safety we feel. To release resistance to building partnerships and relationship to make room for us to develop distinction and authority when it comes to our careers and vocations.

1. Sagittarius New Moon - 12/12/23

The Sagittarius new moon invites you to develop ethics, wisdom, and sense of adventure. The tools of the time are inspiration and passion.

  • Review the sagittarius keywords

  • What would you like to: continue, cultivate, and release

  • Complete this prompt: At the Sagittarius New Moon I ________________ (action you will take) and I remember ________________ (affirmation to keep you going).

2. Pisces Waxing Moon - 12/19/23

The Pisces waxing moon invites you to nourish devotion and spirituality. Whatever you believe and devote yourself too is the foundation of who you are. Nurture a connection to something bigger than yourself. The tools of the time are intuition and imagination.

  • Pick one, two, or three intentions and take action(s) towards its realization.

  • The action you take can be as small as using your imagination to come up with ideas or as big as launching a project.

3. Cancer Full Moon - 12/26/23

The Cancer full moon invites you to celebrate your home and security. They say home is where the heart is. Schedule in some time to make your home (or a small corner) comfy and relaxing. The tools of the time are healing and imagination.

  • Revisit your intentions.

  • Choose something to celebrate.

  • Forgive yourself for anything weighing you down.

  • Make a gratitude list (or count your blessings to help you fall asleep).

4. Libra Waning Moon - 01/03/24

The Libra waning moon invites you to you to release resistance to relationships and partnerships. Is there someone who can help you to develop wisdom, ethics, and adventure? Keep your eyes and ears open a new friend or teacher can be anywhere. The tools of the time communication and intellect.

  • Review your intentions list.

  • Determine what you want to keep and focus more energy on.

  • Analyze what to release from your intentions list or life. (Sometimes you will want to cross out your intention list all together, and its okay, you will make a new one next moonth).

5. Capricorn Next New Moon - 01/11/24

The Capricorn next new moon invites you to develop distinction and authority. Consider what you are devoted too. How can your experience assist you in making a name for yourself? The tools of the time are practicality and stability.

  • Prepare for the next new moon cycle by choosing what to keep and what to banish. Exercise: At the dark moon (1-2 days before the new moon), make a banishing ritual by writing down what you would like to release on paper (or a bay leaf) and burning it. This will serve as an energetic cleanse.

Sagittarius New Moon Tarot Spread

YesSpiral Tarot Practice

Work with the energies of the moon, astrology, and tarot all at once. The tarot spread below is a SPIRAL practice. The first and last card connect one new moon to the next. Card #5 becomes card #1 in the next new moon spread.

Sagittarius New Moon Tarot Spread
  1. What is the seed of the Sagittiarus Moonth?

  2. What do you nurture to grow at the Pisces waxing moon?

  3. What do you celebrate/forgive at the Cancer full moon?

  4. What do you release at the Libra waning moon?

  5. What is the seed of the upcoming moonth in Capricorn? (use card #5 as card # 1 next moonth)

The best way to make your intentions into a reality is by dedicating time to them. The tarot cards above will help you tap into your intuition and psyche to help you focus. Every new moon I set my intentions, do my tarot spread, and revisit it at least weekly. The moon phases makes this easy for me to remember. I reflect on where I was, where I am, and where I'm going. I find this introspection brings me clarity on how to move forward. It also helps with synchronicity because the Universe knows what I want.

Join the Sagittarius New Moon Circle at Flower Power

Tuesday, December 12th at 7:30pm

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Sagittarius New Moon Circle

What to Expect

  • Community

  • Intention setting ritual

  • Sharing

  • Receiving

  • FUN


  • Intentions and Affirmations

  • Tarot Spread

New Moon Intention Journal

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13 moon introspective intention setting journal and guid

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  • Determine what to continue, cultivate, and release

  • Formulate intentions and affirmations

  • Work with tarot to tap into your intuition and psyche

  • Reflect on what you would like to nurture, celebrate, forgive, and release

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