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Waning Moon in Virgo

Virgo the sign of work, duty, and responsibility to others.

The moon is waning in Virgo. This is an optimal time to reflect and assess what is working and what is not.

Virgo has a willingness to change (mutable) in the name of being efficient, analytical, and disciplined (Earth).

Mercury rules Virgo and represents one's capacity to think, speak, and reason.

Together these two can influence you to edit and organize your home, wardrobe, and photos in your phone. Assess the details: look at your financial statements and analyze your expenses, can anything be cut away? Can you save more? Are you spending efficiently? Make a healthy foods list and plan out your meals for the week.

What are the tarot cards associated with Virgo?

The Hermit:

Self-disciplined, reliable, and a troubleshooter. He represents wisdom, introspection, meditation, and leadership by example. His rationality and practicality tends to keep him isolated. He has a desire to teach and help people.

The Magician

Master of space, time, and cosmic energy. A channel for transformation and change. He serves as a link between ideas and physical existence. He rules messages and communications.

Knight of Pentacles

Patient and calm, discerning and analytical while moving at a slow pace. In order to be of service to others he takes care of the ordinary and mundane details of everyday responsibilities often overlooked.

What to do at the waning moon?

The waning moon is an optimal time to reflect on the course of the moonth and year since we are now one week into the last month of the year. Now is a good time to reflect on the 11 months gone by. Take a look at your notes and or intentions from the Virgo New Moon this past September, is there anything that has to be cut away to help with the manifestation process? Virgo operates under the influence of The Magician (see above) now is a good time to bring your ideas into the physical world.

Take out your tarot or oracle deck or use your intuition to answer

  • What negative pattern or habit in my life do I want to interrupt?

  • How I being responsible to myself and my own soul’s calling?

  • What do I want to create or manifest in the year ahead?

  • What signs and synchronicities are guiding me on my way?

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