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Sagittarius Moonth

Work with the phases of the Sagittarius New Moon Cycle to design the life you want.

November 23rd 2022 - December 23rd 2022

Sagittarius New Moon. Sagittarius Glyph Sagittarius Symbol. 2022 Cycle November 23rd - December 23rd

Welcome to Sagittarius

We are now in the last days of Autumn with many leaves on the ground and warm afternoons. However, this moonth ushers in the Winter season, and in New York City, the mornings and nights are now freezing.

The Sagittarius moonth is all about optimism, understanding, and exploration. It is a time to spin the wheel of fortune and hope for the best.

The Moon Starts a New Cycle in Sagittarius

The Sagittarius 2022 New Moon is on Wednesday, November 23rd at 5:57 pm

Sagittarius is known as the archer who shoots his arrow into the distance, optimistic for the potential of what will come from it. Sagittarius is also known as the Centaur, half-horse half-man symbolizing a free inner nature and an ethical conscience. When Sagittarius is around there is a need to explore and expand the horizons of the mind and the world, such as our religion, faith, and ethical codes.Sagittarius inspires us to be confident, adventurous, and ethical. The tarot cards associated with Sagittarius is Temperance.

How can you develop develop optimism and creativity to expand your horizons?

What are the Sagittarius Focus Areas?

The new moon is when the sun and the moon are together in the sky. This makes it a potent time to set intentions based on focus areas of the zodiac sign they are in. The Sagittarius New Moon is a potent time to set intentions around understanding, optimism, and freedom.

Sagittarius areas of focus understanding, freedom, optimism

Review the sign's areas's of focus. Identify which attributes/qualities you would like to cultivate or release. It can be something to focus on this new moon (aka moonth), season, year, or for the rest of your life. Also, identify if there is a shadow aspect you’d like to work through.

  • Understanding: Religion, Prayer, House of Worship, Honesty

  • Communing with Nature: Intuition, Tranquility, Contentment

  • Freedom: Spontaneity, Adventure, Exploration, Long Distance Travel

  • Law: Ethics, Morality, Principled, Integrity Attorneys, Lawsuits

  • Optimism: Trust, Friendliness, Generous, Enthusiastic

  • Formal Education: Mentors, University, Philosophy, Certifications

  • Carelessness: Shortcuts, Excesses, Extravagance, Arrogant, Rude


  1. Journal why you would like to bring in or release these qualities.

  2. Write down up to ten intentions or wishes themed on Sagittarius rulerships.

What are the important dates of the Sagittarius Moonth?

The Sagittarius 2022 New Moon cycle starts on November 23rd 2022 and ends on December 23rd 2022.

Sagittarius 2022 Moonth Cycle November 23rd - December 23rd

The new, waxing, full, and waning moons are all in adaptable and resourceful mutable signs. The energy will ask us to develop optimism and creativity. To nourish imaging a better life for yourself. To Celebrate your social and communication skills. To release resistance to prudent routines. All this mutable energy to make room for developing our ambition to meet our goals in Capricorn.

1. Sagittarius New Moon

The Sagittarius new moon invites you to develop optimism and creativity. The tools of the time are inspiration and passion.

  • Think about what you want and set intentions.

2. Pisces Waxing Moon

The Pisces waxing moon invites you to nourish imagining a better life for yourself.Dream big. The tools of the time are spirituality and imagination.

  • Pick one, two, or three intentions and take action(s) towards its realization.

3. Gemini Full Moon

The Gemini full moon invites you to celebrate your social and communication skills. The tools of the time are thoughts, intellect, and intention.

  • Review your intentional progress. Celebrate where you are. Forgive yourself if you could have done more or have any hindering thoughts.

4. Virgo Waning Moon

The Virgo waning moon invites you to you to release resistance to making prudent routines for the life you want. The tools of the time practicality and stability.

  • Review your intentions and analyze what you want to keep and what to release from your intentions list or life.

5. Capricorn Next New Moon

The Capricorn next new moon invites you to develop goals, structure, and discipline. The tools of the time are practicality and stability.

  • Prepare for the next new moon cycle by choosing what to keep and what to banish. Exercise: At the dark moon, make a ritual of banishing by writing what you would like to release on paper and burning it. This will serve as an energetic cleanse.

Sagittarius New Moon Tarot Spread

Yes Spiral Practice

Work with the energies of the moon, astrology, and tarot all at once. The tarot spread below is a SPIRAL practice. The first and last card connect one new moon to the next. Card #5 becomes card #1 in the next new moon spread.

Sagittarius New Moon Tarot Spread.
  1. What is the seed of the Sagittiarus Moonth?

  2. What do you nurture to grow at the Pisces waxing moon?

  3. What do you celebrate/forgive at the Gemini full moon?

  4. What do you release at the Virgo waning moon?

  5. What is the seed of the upcoming moonth in Capricorn? (use card #5 as card # 1 next moonth)

Sagittarius 2022 Moonth

The best way to make your intentions into a reality is by dedicating time to them. Every new moon I set my intentions, do my tarot spread, and revisit it at least weekly. I reflect on where I was, where I am, and where I'm going. I find this introspection brings me clarity on how to move forward. It also helps with synchronicity because the Universe knows what I want.

Take a deep dive into Sagittarius

The New Moon in Sagittarius workbook is a framework for your personal development practice. Working with the natural cycles of life helps you to be more resilient. There is an expectation of things naturally cycling in and cycling out of life. I invite you to use tarot to develop clarity and address blind spots in your life. Try it this New Moon Cycle with the prompts above. Or, for a more focused approach click on the link below.

New Moon Tarot Workbook - 3 Moons

Libra | Scorpio | Sagittarius

3 moon introspective intention setting journal and guide

*2 moons left in the season

New Moon Tarot Workbook Autumn 2022 Edition, Libra Scorpio Sagittarius

Autumn 2022 Edition

September 25th - December 23rd

Available on Amazon

Winter Edition Coming Soon

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